Stay strong as negotiations continue at Local 711

Local 711 is proud of the continued solidarity displayed by the members as negotiators work to secure new collective bargaining agreements. Union solidarity is the key ingredient for success at the bargaining table. A united front shows employers the strength union members can possess when they stay together.

In these contract negotiations, UFCW Local 711 is focused to secure proper funding for healthcare and pensions funds.

Pension funds are around the world have been rocked this spring by losses sustained by the financial market due to the global economic shutdown. This means financial projections must take into account the increased costs of these benefits. UFCW Local 711 is working hard to address this issue.

Wages, of course, are always at the top of mind for the union and members alike. They will be a key issue in any contract settlement.

The union has and will continue to stress the importance of wage increases. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the fact that members of Local 711 are “essential workers,” and that their dedication and courage has made it possible for customers to have access to food and needed medicine.

President Gittings said, “We know that the challenges posed by the health crisis have made your jobs more difficult, and more stressful. We know that they stress doesn’t end when you clock out. We know that you deserve fair contracts that protect your health and retirements.”

In these challenging times, the union is working hard on the member’s behalf on all fronts, including safety and health issues related to COVID-19, contract negotiations, and of course any work issues that may arise.

While negotiations continue, the current contracts remain in effect, along with all contractual benefits, health insurance, and pension.

“Remember that our solidarity is more important than ever before given the challenges that we face,” said Gittings.

Members are urged to please support the union and each other, and don’t listen to or spread rumors.

As always, please contract your union representatives with any questions that you may have.