UFCW 711 F.A.Q.

How do I join UFCW 711?

You may apply for work at an employer currently under contract with Local 711 in Nevada or Utah. Call us to find out where in your area.

Or you may contact us to find out how to organize the UFCW at your current place of employment. See the list of types of industries represented by Local 711 by clicking the “About Local 711” button on the main menu.

What are the benefits of having UFCW representation?

Union representation provides a wide range of workplace advantages through a union contract, which is collectively bargained on behalf of the members working for an employer. Contracts typically call for guaranteed wages, set standards for working conditions, provide funding for benefits such as health insurance and retirement income, as well as procedures to ensure that all contract provisions can be enforced, and that unjust treatment, discipline, and firings can be challenged. UFCW GIVES WORKERS A VOICE!

How many members belong to UFCW?

There are over 1.3 million UFCW members in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. All UFCW members are united by their shared affiliation in the UFCW INTERNATIONAL UNION.

Why does the UFCW often criticize Wal-Mart?

The UFCW has long been a leader in pointing out Wal-Mart’s failure to be responsible in the way it treats its employees, communities, and the environment. Now, the news media, community groups, and even Presidential candidates have become aware of the Wal-Mart issue, and have called for the company to change the way it does business.